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Be Mine
Be Mine

Early 20th Century Valentine postcard with message "My Valentine, think of Me" from the Blanche Hardee Rivers Collection.

Paper Chase
Papaer Chase

Students study in the Whichard Building on the ECTC campus in this early 1940s photo. At the time, Whichard served as the campus library.

Take the K-Train
Take the K-Train

Greenville Kiwanis Club members take a trip on the Kiwanis Choo-Choo in this Daily Reflector photo from the spring of 1956.

Snowbound Scholars
Little Mothers League

A chapter of the "Little Mother's League for Better Babies" poses at Kinston High School in Kinston, North Carolina in this circa 1920 photo. The Little Mothers League was founded in 1910 by public health crusader Sara Josephine Baker.

Ice Capades
Ice Capades

Two children ice skate in this late 19th century image from a postcard advertising Vaseline from Cheeeseborough Manufacturing Company.

Buildings Upon the Past
Buildings Upon the Past

This interactive map illustrates how campus grew from East Carolina Teachers Training College to East Carolina University.

Eastern Reflector Newspaper Collection
Eastern Reflector Newspaper Collection

Originally published featuring the motto “Truth in Preference to Fiction” this new collection features digitized editions of this Greenville newspaper spanning from 1887 to 1915.

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Two towers Mobile homes J. H. Rose High Tinea VeRelle, Bert Television stations Catawba County (N.C.) Petroleum industry and trade Safes Jones, Walter B., 1913-1992 Evacuation Plumbers Wolf, Martha Mary Pingel Medicine, Military Cavite (Cavite Province, Philippines) Brautigan, Richard Morella African American midwives Biography. Jacksonville (N.C.) Fatteh, Abdullah Prevention and control Stacks (Hay, grain, etc.) Judge Buell's legacy Marshalltown (Iowa) Catholic church buildings Winton (N.C.) Giant panda Worcester Memorial Hospital Pamlico Lumber Company Architectural rendering Quercus prinus Potassium chloride McLellon, Waldron M. Refugees Exhaust systems Sheriffs Home missions Developing and developers Nursing homes Topographical surveying Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) Needham Heights (Mass.) Presbyterian Hospital (Waterloo, Iowa) Barbers Dupree, Amanda Mental health personnel Press secretaries Spaulding, Lloyd F. Mess kits Mixers (Cookery) Acting E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company County services Concrete construction Wooden bridges Electric signs Vaccination Soldiers' monuments Orchestra Vetch Signers Comedians Saratoga (Aircraft carrier : CVA-60) Suicide victims Basketball teams Beef cattle American Legion. Dept. of North Carolina Anson County (N.C.) Obituaries Loyalty oaths Howell, Bruce I. Colic Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.) Vancouver Island (B.C.) Sleet Simpson, Malcolm Smoke Football coaches Shirt industry Rountree family (Jesse Rountree, 1765-1831) Gotham Book Mart Edenton (N.C.) Museums Urinary Bladder Diseases Eskimo women Hemangioma Eagle Rock (N.C.) Mistletoes Preventive health services Mitchell County (N.C.) Air forces Caldwell, Dinson A. McMillan, John J. Tomato growers Pilot International (Organization) Sick children Mothers and sons Escanaba (Mich.) Grimesland (N.C.) Copeland, Donald L. Students Kitty Hawk (Aircraft carrier) Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Gibraltar Perry McGlone Construction Company Tripp, Jane New Delhi (India) Caldwell, Mag Carpenter, Elbert Bradley, James Chinese language Washington (N.C.) Girl Scouts Farm supplies Carolina Beach (N.C.) Holy Family Hospital (LaPorte, Ind.) Fairview Hospital (Minneapolis, Minn.) Waynick, Capus M. Emergency medical technicians Hurricane Donna, 1960 White, Mary Jordan, 1859-1909 Grymes, Christopher Pitt Utterback, Elizabeth, 1923-1966 New Hanover County (N.C.) Women clothing workers Alameda County (Calif.) Warsaw Green, Paul, 1894-1981 Farley, James A. (James Aloysius), 1888-1976 Professional Staff Wildfires Hotchkiss, Stuart T. Christianity School libraries Boy Scouts Television stage management Eleanor Moore Hospital (Boone, Iowa) Desertions Trails Gas companies Athens (Ga.) Petunias Farm ponds Broadcasting studios Laxatives Lane, Lunsford, 1803-approximately 1863 Automobile industry and trade Computer systems
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